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The glass barrier ensures that your employees are obeying the rules of social distancing and are not putting other members of the workplace at risk. Glass protectors ensure that your employees and other members of your team are well protected from the public and the raging virus. Glass sneeze guards ensure your workforce is safeguarded from harm and shows that you concern yourself with your employees’ welfare. The custom sneeze guards fit right in your office and workplace environment because they are made of transparent and high-quality glass. Glass as material in interior decoration is versatile. It fits right into any environment while exuding elegance and improving on the visual appeal of your space. A creative way to incorporate sneeze guards in your workplace is to install them as glass counter partitions. The counter partitions serve as a protective glass barrier between your employees and customers. They also add some points to your office interior décor style. Glass counter partitions brighten up the professional look of the office ambiance as a result of the clear glass that reflects light through the office environment.