Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass, is a combination of two or more panes of glass. There both layers are spaced apart by a spacer bar with a primary and secondary sealant with one or more air spaces amongst. These air spaces are filled with air and gas that help to improve the thermal performance indoors, so considerably reducing the cost of heating and air-conditioning. Insulated glass is a simply effective way in cumulative comfort in the environment.

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The incredible design versatility of insulated glass makes it a perfect window and door material choice for a residential, commercial, and industrial settings. The glass helps regulate the indoor temperature and keeps the indoor cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s an eco-friendly design option that significantly reduces carbon footprint and also cuts down the electricity cost.

This modernistic glass helps in maintaining a high degree of serenity in the indoors and make the living environment cozier and more comfortable. Multiple layers of glass greatly increase the strength of the overall unit which can also be further augmented with the use of high-strength tempered glass. Double glazing glass turns out to be an economical option in the long-run and is more durable and resilient than other common types of glass.